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Yes, solar energy can save you money

But ensure quality panels and professional installation.

Kimberley Heating and Plumbing specialises in solar water heating panel installation. A well-sized solar water heating system could provide up to 60% of your annual hot water requirements.

We recommend Worcester Bosch's Greenskies solar panels which are designed to go with existing heating systems that use a cylinder to store hot water.

We also install Worcester Bosch's Greensource air to water heat pumps. These use the energy in the air with a refrigerant circuit to boost the temperature for home heating or hot water.

Why solar water heating panels?

  • Can provide up to 60% of your hot water needs
  • Planning permission eased
  • Works with existing heating systems

Why choose Kimberley as your installers?

  • Solar water panel specialists
  • Experience and expertise
  • Honest advice and reliable service
  • Worcester Bosch Accredited Installers

Contact us for expert advice, testimonials and competitive quotes.

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